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Mobile Laundry Service
Commercial Laundry Service


Operating a small business isn't easy. The need to multi-tasking & juggle different jobs makes running a small business very challenging.

With this in mind, Laundry Loop is proud to offer a commercial laundry service aimed at helping other small business in the Shellharbour area handle their laundry needs. Whether it's washing towels, linen, uniforms or ironing, our aim is to make it as simple as possible for your business, so you don’t have to rely on your employees taking care of it.


Our mobile laundry service is perfect for small businesses because we can pickup smaller loads than large commercial service providers can service. We understand that the last thing that you or your staff want to be doing at the end of a busy day is the businesses laundry. Laundry Loop can help take the load off your business by providing a tailored pickup mobile laundry service.


Whether you’re an allied health service provider needing towels and linen cleaned, a corporate business looking to get on top of your employee’s work uniform laundry, or a holiday rental needing bedding & other fabrics cleaned, Laundry Loop are here to help.


Tailored to fit in with the schedule of your business, our mobile laundry service will pick-up your laundry & aim to have it returned within 24hrs of collection...washed, dried, folded & ready for you to use.


As part of our mobile laundry service, we will provide a free laundry bag to store your laundry in, which will conveniently protect your laundry when it's transitioned from your collection point to our washing machine, and then back to you again.


We pride ourselves on offering a high quality, convenient  & affordable mobile laundry service to the small businesses in the Illawarra community. Please refer to our pricelist to see just how affordable our mobile laundry service is.


Our service is fully insured, and when it comes to washing & ironing, Laundry Loop are the laundry experts. So let us take care of your laundry needs so you can focus on what really matters...your business!!

Why choose Laundry Loop  to take care of your commercial laundry needs?

Timely & Responsive Turnaround

Mobile Laundry Service

We'll do our best have your clean laundry returned with 24hrs of collection. However, if it's a large load (>20kgs), we may need 48hrs

Pickup and Delivery

Wash Dry Fold

For businesses within our coverage suburbs (please refer to our Coverage), we'll pick up/deliver your laundry from/to a location that suits you. Businesses outside our coverage area can still benefit from our mobile laundry service, but a small additional pick-up fee will apply.

Wash, Dry, Fold

Mobile Ironing Service

Our mobile laundry service will meticulously wash, dry, fold & iron your clothes, bed linen, towels, tablecloths, so they're ready to use/wear on return. We'll take special care of any delicates as requested.

Hand Washing

Commercial Laundry Service

To ensure your delicates are well cared for, our mobile laundry service can do hand washing. If you need hand washing, please contact us to ensure we can meet your expectations. An additional fee ($5/item) will apply for hand washing

Home Laundry Service

Linen, Towels & Sheets

Our mobile laundry service will wash a range of fabrics, which means your your towels, bed sheets & other linens will be well cared for

Mobile Laundry Service

Laundry Bags

Our mobile laundry service comes with 1 free laundry bag to be used for the pick-up and delivery of your washing. We'll be happy to replace bags free of charge due to normal wear & tear. Additional or replacement laundry bags outside of normal wear & tear will be charged at $5/bag

Hygene & COVID Safe Practices

Wash Dry Fold

We take great pride in offering a mobile laundry service that demonstrates and adheres to exemplary hygiene & COVID safe practices. Our machines are cleaned with hot water between each load and we will never wash your clothes in with anyone else’s.


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