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Mobile Laundry Service
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How do I book your laundry service?

You can book one of our mobile laundry services via phone, email ( or using our on-line contact form. If using our on-line contact form or email, we'll be in contact with by the end of the day to confirm your booking.​

I live in the Illawarra but outside your Coverage Suburbs?

No worries! For customers outside our Coverage Suburbs, as long as you're in the Illawarra area, you can still benefit from our mobile laundry service, but a small pick-up fee will apply ($12.00/pick-up...which includes delivery)​

Is your mobile laundry service contactless?

Yes it is. Provided you are comfortable to do so, you can simply leave your laundry in a safe & secure location for us to collect...and we'll return it to the exact same location we collected it from.​

When do you pick-up the laundry?

Depending on your location, we'll collect your laundry between 7am-9am Monday to Friday. Please note that these timeframes are an estimate only. Provided you are comfortable to do so, you are welcome to leave your laundry at the door.​

When will my laundry be returned?

For standard laundry we'll work hard to have it returned within 24hrs of collection. However, larger loads (20+kgs) may take 48hrs.

For ironing, our standard service is a 48hr turn-around. If you have booked our premium ironing service, we'll return laundry within 24hrs of collection (subject to availability).

Note - Friday pickups will be returned on Monday.​

How much is one load of washing? 

Generally speaking, one load (5kg - weighed when dry) is approximately one standard laundry basket. However, some items may be lightweight but bulky (i.e. high volume), such as queen/king size bed linen. For this reason, the washing of queen/king size bed linen (top & bottom sheets) will be charged $10.00/bed ($5.00/sheet)​

How do you collect my laundry for my first service?

For you first mobile laundry service, you can leave your laundry in a garbage bag or basket. We'll then transfer into one of our laundry bags. Everyone gets 1 free laundry bag, which can be used on your next pickup/delivery service.​

How do you return my laundry?

Your laundry will be folded and returned in our re-usable and washable laundry bag. For follow-up services, we ask you to return your dirty items in the same bag. We'll provide the first laundry bag free of charge, additional bags are charged at $5.00/bag. Your ironing service will be hanged and presented in our plastic garment bags...which can be recycled/re-used for subsequent services​

Do I need to provide my own hangers for your ironing service? 

It would be great if you did! However if required we can use our own wire hangers. We just ask that you recycle these each service with us.​

How much is the service?

Check out our pricing page for a full price list.​

How do I pay?

After we have collected your laundry we will count and weigh the items and then email you an invoice to pay online by EFT (or cash on delivery).​

How much notice do I need to give you? 

To help organise our schedule, we ask that you book & confirm the day before you need a pickup​

Can you provide laundry services for holiday rentals?

Yes we can! Just let us know and we'll organise accordingly.​

Can you take care of the laundry needs of my business?

We can meet the laundry needs of most small businesses ranging from childcare centres, medical centres, massage & beauty salons, hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, holiday rentals, real estate agents, community & sports teams, & various other businesses with laundry/ironing requirements. Contact us at and let us know what you need.​

Do you provide a dry-cleaning service?

Unfortunately no. Our equipment is "state of the art", but our mobile laundry service is not set up for heavy duty industrial style cleaning or dry cleaning. We use eco-friendly detergents and normally wash in cold wash. If your laundry requires extra attention we can hand-wash and/or hot wash on request and add extra spin cycles or bleach treatment


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